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6 Ways to Kick Start Your Mid-Year Fitness Motivation

The first of January, the gym is full. The news is filled with new nutrition and weight loss trends. Everybody is talking about the changes they will make in their lives – STARTING TODAY. I don’t make any New Year’s fitness resolutions. I make lifestyle changes and goals. Fitness is as much a part of my life as eating breakfast or getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, my January was more of a different sort of challenge. I was injured while working out.

My footwear for the first 6 months of 2015

I did my best to keep moving forward as independently as I could with a boot and a scooter. I learned that my body needed the rest, as much as I wanted to push further. I asked for help and am still so grateful for those who stepped up to help or checked in on me. I learned patience as my leg recovered and did my physical therapy as prescribed. To tell you the truth – it was one of the toughest challenges for me. Last week I got on my scale for the first time since January and the number staring back at me was one I had never seen before on my scale – but I know I will get through it living the warrior360way!

Now finally, I have been released from physical therapy! It can’t be coincidence that this happened mid-year. Many of those New Year’s resolutions have long fallen off the radar. It’s time to dust them off and keep going. Guess what? It’s not too late! Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life! Are you with me as I start over again too?

Mid-Year Resolution

Remember how, as you watched the clock turn over to 2015, you were excited for a new beginning. Everyone feels motivated with a clean slate. Look back over the resolutions you made and reconsider if it was too much, too soon. Maybe your body is asking for patience too?

Don’t feel like you didn’t accomplish anything. You started. You tried something new. Did you stop because it didn’t feel comfortable to you or because life got in the way?

  1. Stand up to Procrastination. Instead of waiting for December 31st, try again – today. Is there a new resolution? Something new to try? Or is it time to pick up where you left off?
  2. Re-evaluate your nutrition plan. It’s summertime! Instead of cooking indoors, try keeping the house cool by grilling outdoors. Grilled chicken or salmon with grilled sliced zucchini….yum! It’s also the perfect time to try out different salads or a new fruit you haven’t tried before. This time of year is easiest to eat healthy instead of looking for warming comfort foods in the dead of winter. Sliced cucumbers for a snack anyone? 
  3. Get to the gym. Your favorite gym equipment is less busy now than it was 6 months ago. In fact, some personal trainers are offering discounts because they’re not as busy as they are at the beginning of the year. Haven’t worked out with some of the gym equipment before? Not a problem – most gyms will show you the best way to use all of the equipment. Be sure to take notes. 
  4. Take time to meditate and relax. Get out and enjoy some vitamin D. Take a stroll in the neighborhood after dinner, or grab your favorite book and head to your local park to read.
  5. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! As the summer months heat up it’s important to keep hydrated. Cookouts and pool side parties sometimes mean margaritas or beer – be sure to have at least a full glass of water between drinks. Drinking bottled water? Be sure it stays cool during the summer heat. When the plastic gets overheated it can release toxins into the water. 
  6. Find an Accountability Partner. So it’s mid-year and you may have fallen short on some of your goals. Don’t worry – you still have 6 months left! Finish the year strong by finding someone to check in with weekly on your goals or to workout with – a friend, spouse, or family member. I’m a believer that the family that works out together stays healthy together!

New Year – New You

Starting a new plan mid-year just may give you the extra boost to continue a healthy and fit lifestyle into 2016 and beyond. Your New Year’s resolution next time may be to enjoy the life and healthy body you’ve created for yourself. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Hugs and love,

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