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Making Delicious Nutritious Meals on a Budget is Possible

Do you see yourself in one of these statements:

I don’t have time to make meals at home.
Making nutritious and delicious meals are time-consuming.
It costs too much to eat healthy.
I’m not a good cook so why bother.
Preparing delicious meals at home is really not as hard as you may think. And if you prepare the meals with your family or significant other then meal preps at home can be quite fun!
This past weekend we decided to eat dinner at home all weekend versus going out. Now we LOVE going to one of the local seafood or steakhouses in Dallas, so I decided to bring the seafood and steak home.
We decided to have food with an Asian flair so we went to Whole Foods on Friday evening and picked up 2 scrumptious halibut steaks and fresh green beans. There was a wine tasting at the store so we purchased the perfect wine to compliment out meal. Total cost for Friday night dinner at home was less than $60 total! That was including the bottle of wine.
Saturday was just as delicious. A quick stop at Whole Foods after running the usual Saturday errands and we had fresh crab legs with stir fry mixed veggies! We were so hungry that the meal was gone before we had a chance to capture a photo. Dinner and a movie at home all for under $50! That included the last of the wine from the night before.
Sunday afternoon we were back at Whole Foods and did our weekly grocery shopping for the week. Total grocery bill for the entire week was $250 and change. That includes breakfast foods, lunch foods for our son and dinner thru Thursday. Sunday’s meal was an incredibly delicious dry aged ribeye steak paired with beefsteak tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
While the steak was cooking I threw all the ingredients into a crockpot for a beef stew for Monday night. Complete with fresh carrots, red potatoes, celery and onion. Tuesday is taco Tuesday made with ground turkey. Wednesday is pinto beans with Roma tomatoes and fresh asparagus. Thursday is the last of the beef stew.
The best part about cooking is that we create as we go. Try different seasonings, different veggies and we laugh, play our favorite playlist and have a great time.
So yes! You can buy fresh, organic meals at Whole Foods and make incredibly tasty meals your family can enjoy! Want to learn more? Contact me today for a complimentary session on how to live the Warrior360Way.
Hugs and Love!

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