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Topics for Presentations

Gail’s business and coaching experience with community involvement makes her a well rounded executive able to speak on a variety of topics to diverse audiences.

2011 XChange Empowerment Forum

Gail Warrior is a dynamic, energetic speaker who is passionate about women in business and...

2011 XChange Empowerment Forum
Sum and Substance: Gail Warrior

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Sum and Substance: Gail Warrior
AMEX Open CEO Bootcamp – Women in Leadership Panel

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AMEX Open CEO Bootcamp – Women in Leadership Panel

Sample Presentations

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Gail has delivered over the past few years

Various topics


• Lessons Learned: A CEO’s Perspective On How Mistakes and Failures Can Grow Your Business
• How to Motivate Your Workforce: Why It Takes a Village
• Entrepreneurs Giving Back and Leading the Way On Communities
• The Power of Passion in the Workplace
• Empowering the Community: Corporate America’s Role in Creating Opportunities

Women in Business

• Women Business Owners: Leading the Charge
• Women Leaders in Male-Dominated Industries
• Women in the Workforce Today


• Committing to the Future: Sponsoring Educational Opportunities for Kids
• The Achievement Gap in United States Education
• The Great Divide: Summer Enrichment Programs for Kids
• A Sharing of Minds: The Power of Mentorship

Health and Wellness

• Sugar and Salt Anonymous – How to satisfy cravings and maintain energy throughout the day
• Entrepreneurship 101 – Eating the right way to grow your business to new heights
• Mindfulness: Engage in Your Day with Intention How to Stop Sleep Walking Through your Life
• Sleep – Does it REALLY do your body good?


• Strategies on how to build relationships to get your next contract
• Strategies on how to put the Warrior spirit back into your relationships
• Self love – get off the speeding locomotive before you run out of steam


• Minority Business Leaders Today
• The Power of Diversity in American Business
• Diversity at the Helm: The Growing Minority Business Leader Population


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