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The Year of the Warrior!

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday!

Many may wonder why there have not been many updates from me lately. Well I had a slight mishap, which resulted in surgery and now I am recuperating nicely! I wish I could say that I was skydiving and had to do a unique landing when my parachute got stuck in a tree … but no. My accident occurred while doing one of the things I LOVE to do — working out at the gym.

gailI was taking a step aerobics class (remember those back in the day) and literally stepped to the right and my Achilles tendon “popped.” I knew instantly what had happened. The next several days were spent in a temporary cast, then a very unfashionable boot and now back into a cast after the surgery.

In a couple of weeks, I will have the luxury of wearing the boot again for eight whole weeks! I have to say that the first 48 hours of the injury I went through several emotions: anger, sadness, frustration, and then ultimately determination! The realization that I’m not 27 anymore also set in. My doctor said that this type of injury occurs in athletes or really active people between the ages of 35–55 and I’m a little over the midpoint of that range.
The good news is I’m considered an athlete! 🙂  I’m part of the group of athletes like Kobe Bryant who tore his tendon last year.

Once it settled in my head that I had indeed torn my tendon, the question was, How can I still do my workouts, eat healthy, get my son to school and back, spread the word of the “warrior 360” lifestyle, and work on the next collection of Warrior Elements? Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s my right foot, and that makes driving myself anywhere a nonstarter.

In the spirit of being a true warrior, I began coming up with my “plan.”  Fortunately we live in a wonderful world of technology and apps! Uber has been a great resource for travel. I still made my workouts with my trainer last week taking UberX. Our workouts have been modified, but I definitely felt the burn in my core, shoulders, chest, arms and back.

Still looking stylish! My wardrobe has also been modified; wearing five-inch heels will have to be put on the back burner for a minute. I’m loving the Warrior Elements boot cut pants, the inset leggings and the zipper capri more than ever right now!

Still cooking! Well that’s still happening as well too, just not this week. I have found an awesome knee scooter that gets me around my kitchen faster than walking on two feet! More delicious meals coming soon.

This week I have been in awe and have total gratitude for the many friends, colleagues and family that have shown their warrior spirit by being there for me, whether it was taking me to my doctor’s appointment or to the hospital for surgery, picking up prescriptions, sending flowers, bringing food over, sending a text, calling to check on me, or just coming by to sit with me for a few hours (even when I fell asleep!). I can’t say thank you enough for all of the outpouring of love and generosity so many have shown me the past couple of weeks.

I know there is more for me to learn as I embark on this journey of healing. The past couple of weeks have been a good reminder of things I already know. There is a ton of love all around and you don’t have to look find it. It’s in all of us!

I’ve also been reminded that sometimes things knock us down really hard, but it doesn’t mean we are out for the count. It just means we have to readjust and keeping moving forward. Many may have started New Year’s resolutions and as the end of January approaches, you may be thinking the goal you set seems too far down the road because of setbacks that have come your way this month.
Trust me. I get it.

Just remember the Warrior Elements mantra:

Gail Warrior 2 (2)

Don’t quit. Readjust and keep moving forward. That’s what I had to do when I went to the gym last week — readjust. Just three weeks ago I was doing my best weight with deadlifts and doing chest press with 50-pound dumbbells! Will I get there again? You bet! And whatever your goal is, you will get there too!Just dig deep and Cultivate the Warrior Within YOU!!

Hugs and Love,

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