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Warrior Elements Trunk Show at Equinox Preston Hollow


Have you heard? My new activewear collection and lifestyle brand, Warrior Elements, debuted yesterday at Equinox Preston Hollow with an all day trunk show! It was an incredible day. I’m feeling very blessed and have such a full heart right now as I reflect on this newest chapter in my life.

For all of you entrepreneurs, or really for anyone, let me tell you, the feeling you get when you see your vision finally become a reality is just, wow, absolutely surreal. It’s a dream come true and it definitely makes the entire process of launching a new business worth it.


Trust me, I faced my fair share of challenges and roadblocks during the journey that is Warrior Elements. I had some no good, very bad, terrible days. You know, those days clouded with worry, uncertainty and frustration. The ones that everyone has at some point or the other. For entrepreneurs, these are the days where you feel like your business isn’t going to be profitable and that your hard work will be all for nothing. Now, do Warriors let a bad day get them down? Absolutely not! Warriors push forward on to greatness. Here are my lessons learned.

Lesson 1
Always remind yourself that you are capable. Repeat those simple words, “I am a Warrior,” over and over until you believe them. I continually told myself, “nothing can stop me.”

Lesson 2
Re-focus your energy. I turned my negative energy into positive energy by simply reminding myself of the reason I started Warrior Elements in the first place. For me, I knew that my passion was in Warrior Elements. My heart was in building a clothing line that helped empower women to not only feel beautiful and be healthy but also to find their own inner passion and cultivate the Warrior within. Passion was always my glue, especially during tough times.

Lesson 3
Don’t get hunkered down dwelling on the things you don’t know. Instead, focus on what you do know. I always focused on the fact that I love fashion. And, I believed that I knew what women love about a workout line and I stuck with that. Know what you are good at and work from there.

Starting a new business is a process. It’s hard and can be daunting but it is so rewarding. The feeling I had yesterday when Warrior Elements sold its first item, a gorgeous pair of the Fire inset leggings, is hard to explain. I was overwhelmed with all of the powerful emotions you get when you see a dream that you’ve been chasing for over a year finally come to fruition. People were falling in love with Warrior Elements. My dream had taken flight. It was alive!
The main takeaway here is that I would encourage each of you to never give up and always chase your dreams. This is YOUR life. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, ever stop you from achieving your dreams! Now, go forth and do!
Hugs and love,
P.S. I would love for you to take a look at my new activewear line! I’ve shared some photos below but feel free to visit Warrior Elements online. And, stay tuned for new lines (Earth and Wind) coming soon.


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