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WARRIOR LIFE: Best Apps for the Multi-Tasking Woman

September is almost here! Can you believe it? Summer is really coming to an end.

The fall is a wonderful time but also a very busy one. Juggling back to school activities, the fast approaching holiday season and everyday routine tasks like work, family meal-planning and trips to the gym can be exhausting. The calendar can quickly become overwhelming. You may be asking yourself, “how can I possibly do it all?” I know how you feel. Just breathe. And, trust me when I say, you can do it. Adopt the Warrior in me mentality.

As a mother, friend, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, speaker and fitness enthusiast, I have a lot on my plate. One of the things that makes doing it all easier for me are apps. Apps can help even the busiest person stay productive, organized and put together in all areas of their life. Consider them a secret to your success, a tool for strengthening the Warrior in you. Below you’ll find my selection of some of the best apps for productivity and life in general. Sometimes, the best solution is a simple solution. I hope you find something you love and that will love you back!

For Those Pesky Cards

Frustrated by the sheer amount of loyalty cards floating around in your wallet or purse? Between the grocery store, gym, restaurants and retailers, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Enter Key Ring. This app allows you to keep all of your reward cards in one place – electronically on your phone. Voila! No more not being able to find that card when you need it. The best part? You can even store gift cards. Savings made easy.

The Answer To, What’s For Lunch?

Fresh, healthy and fun ideas for lunchboxes can be hard. Pinterest makes packing a school or work lunch easy. There are so many categories from budget-friendly options to sandwich alternatives to, of course, healthy lunches. Spend about fifteen minutes picking recipes, make a grocery list and hit the grocery store. Worried about getting distracted with all the content available on Pinterest? There’s an app for that too. It’s called StayFocused.

Save and Read Later

Have you ever come across something you wanted to read but not had time? Pocket allows you to store all the things that you want to read for later. Whether it’s a news article, recipe or inspiration for your latest project, Pocket is the answer.The app syncs across all your devices for easy access too.

There are so many incredible apps out there. Evernote is a great workspace for organizing all areas of your life. And as for scheduling, Tempo and Mynd are both wonderful calendar apps useful for keeping track of all the meetings, appointments and commitments that fill your time.

I encourage you to try these apps out over the weekend and let me know your thoughts. And, if you have any personal favorites then I would love to hear about those too. The important thing is that you find the app that’s right for YOU and that makes your life easier!

Hugs and love,

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