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Warrior Life: Changing the Goal-Setting Game

You set a goal. 
But then, life happened. 
The children are now back in school and you’ve had to polish, balance and readjust those role-switching skills. You’ve been pushing yourself and your team to go the extra mile at work to nail that third quarter presentation. Any free time you’ve clocked in, you’ve spent it rewarding your mind, body and soul. Hopefully with a spa day, a sweat session or spending quality time with those who matter most to you. 
But, you looked back and you realized you didn’t achieve your goal. 
Now, hold it. Letting yourself feel discouraged is not in the ways of a Warrior. 


I felt compelled to write about this because I’ve been exactly where you might be now, wondering where I took a wrong turn and where to go now. I’m not going to tell you things like, “Keep a daily journal.” Or, “Be more focused.”
In this post, I’ve identified three positive adjustments to some of my most common roadblocks: 
Let’s change what we call a “goal.” Let’s call it a promise. 
Is it just me or do you think that the word “goal” is a buzzword these days, too? 
A buzzword is a fanciful term that carries no real value or significance. It’s generic. The way magazines and articles talk about goals, it seems like goals are these lofty things that are really hard to achieve. 
So, let’s change what we call a “goal.” Let’s call it something that really inspires us when we hear it, see it and say it. Something that really fires up our journey to get to point B. Let’s call it a vision. Let’s call it an affirmation. Let’s call it a promise. 
Let’s focus on our next 24 hours, not a future deadline. 
I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines. I feel at times deadlines are necessary. But, as I mentioned at the start of this blog post, life happens. Things that are out of our control can take us on a detour. What’s more is that we don’t always understand the number of changes, big and small, that need to happen. All of these things combined make action toward progress stressful and demotivating. 
I can relate to this exact situation with a recent project of mine. I had a deadline, but through the process, I’ve learned that there are many things I did not take into account. Part of it is because it’s something brand new for me. I’m out of my comfort zone. It’s a learning process and like the natural element of water, I’ve learned that I need to be fluid and flexible. 
So, let’s take an honest look at our daily habits and processes. What changes can we make that positively move us forward and keep us close with our promise? 
One of my favorite strategies for this: Non-zero days. Do one thing, every day, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that propels you forward.  
Let’s persevere together like the Warriors we are. 
I’ve found the best way to keep a promise is to hold yourself accountable to your support system and to inspire others. There’s going to be a point when your inner voice is saying either “Pack it up,” or “Pack it in.” With positive attitudes and encouragement, Warriors are going to power you to pack it in. 
The reason I blog is to share my inspiration and personal knowledge with you all. In turn, I know I’ll be inspired by you. What’s something I can do to help you make and keep your promises? 
Let me know here on my blog or on my professional Facebook page. 
Here’s to October! 
Hugs and love, 

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