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WARRIOR LIFE: Making Time To Spend Time

The world is in a constant state of motion. Over-scheduled people hurrying, running, moving toward the next thing. But always considering the future, did we ever stop to appreciate the present?

Time is a precious commodity. It is something that we can never get back but seldom do we pause to think about what that really means for our lives.

Right now, ask yourself, What matters most to me?

Have your answer? Good, me too.

Now, ask yourself this question, Am I giving what matters most to me enough of my time?

If not, that’s okay. Keep reading to learn how to better manage the hours in your days and make time for the things that are truly important in your life.

I love what I do as a professional. But sometimes, it’s easy to get too wrapped up in a career. We become plagued by the commitments and expectations in the workplace or just so hyper-focused on a project that we have a hard time putting aside work for other things. Just one more task, we tell ourselves. Just one more email. Do you know what? Sometimes we need to just stop. Feel the power in that word? Stop. Breathe. Reevaluate. Balance.

Family, friends and pets. Passions, exercise and healthfulness. Time devoted to ourselves and personal growth. All of these are deserving of our time but are often pushed to the back burner as we get caught up in the perpetual hustle and whirlwind of life. If you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day for it all (so many of us do!) try adopting the following tips for making more time for what matters most.

1. Simplify 
Ask yourself, what things are currently present in my life that are not adding value? It’s okay to not say yes to everything. We cannot live in fear of disappointing people. Think about your needs. Think about the needs of your family and friends. Then decide what stays and what goes.

2. Prioritize 
Rank your daily to do list in order of item importance and go from there. Tackling a concrete list with clear direction becomes much more efficient than attempting to digest the vague version. Prioritization will help to structure time for all the things you need and want to do.

3. Delegate 
Ask yourself, what tasks can I effectively delegate to others to free up time for myself? We can’t do it all. Allowing others to assist creates more time for you to spend on the things you really want to do like going on a long run with Fido or taking the kids to the park.

4. Schedule 
Scheduling time for certain people and things into your daily, weekly and monthly calendars increases the likelihood of it happening. Not only will writing it down serve as a reminder but it also means that you have already planned ahead and found time for whatever it may be. The result? No more excuses!

5. Unplug
Finally, sometimes we all need to disconnect and focus on the present. Log out of the social media accounts, quit browsing the internet and turn off your phone. Be present. Concentrate on the moment. The quality time is that much more valuable.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to do the things that matter most to you. Stop saying you don’t have time. The perfect time is now.

Hugs and love,

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