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WARRIOR LIFE: To Break Through, Break Bad Habits

Bad habits. We all have them. Maybe yours is being prone to join in on office gossip or engage in perpetual procrastination. Maybe you lack punctuality, have poor email etiquette or routinely speak without thinking. Do you struggle with overspending? Are you known for complaining and whining? Notorious for making excuses to skip out on workouts? Perhaps you constantly come across as inattentive and disinterested. None of these things make you a bad person – we are all only human after all. However, over time these bad habits can damage your reputation and jeopardize your professional career, health and happiness. None of us want that so here’s the good news – you don’t have to let your bad habits dictate your life.

Did you get that? YOU are the master of your fate. Warriors don’t let a few bad habits get them down. Instead, Warriors diligently work to remove the bad habit and replace it with a good one. It’s all part of the process in the pursuit to excellence. Just remember, to break through, break bad habits!
Bad Habit: Procrastination
Are you consistently putting off that deadline at work, pushing back your daily run and delaying in paying those bills? Are you waiting for the perfect time or postponing an overwhelming task?Procrastination may have it’s grip on you.
Repeat after me, “The time is now!”  
Prioritize: Sit down at your desk first thing when you arrive to work and plan out what needs to be accomplished that day. Having clear goals written down helps to direct your energy in the office. 
Protect and Plan and Give Yourself a “Pat on the Back”: If you know that you have a tendency to check social media, snack in the break room or chat with coworkers then work to remove those distractions. Use time management software to stay on task and off of Facebook. Create a work space that is separate from your favorite coworker in the office or plug-in headphones to quiet the world around you. Schedule snack time the way you would a meeting. Then, when you finish a task, reward yourself with something small. Rewards are so motivating. 

Practice: Practice makes perfect. The less you procrastinate, the less you’ll want to. The unnecessary stress and anxiety of waiting until the last minute will slowly be replaced by the good feelings you get from doing things ahead of time. The freedom is palpable. 
Bad Habit: Mindlessness
You’ve been staring at a computer screen for hours and all the words on the screen are blurring together. You’re bored, distracted and not productive. Focus has gone haywire!

Sleep: Get a good amount of sleep the night before. It’s hard to get things done and want to get them done when your body hasn’t had adequate time to repair and renew. 

Change Activities: Are you losing focus because your brain has been working too hard to think about one thing for too long? Studies show that we can’t focus on any one thing very well for longer than 90 minutes. Go back to your priorities list and move to something different. Or, go for a quick midday workout or to lunch with a friend. Transferring your energy from one task to another for a little while can be a great remedy for boredom and allow your mind to change gears, refocus and refuel.
Limit Distractions: Text messages, emails and phone calls. We are constantly connected. All of this technology can be incredibly distracting! Limit the use of your cell phone and the amount of times you check your email during the day. Try tucking your cell phone in a drawer and only answering the most pressing emails and phone calls. Don’t allow technology to interrupt your flow.

Bad Habit: Sugar
It’s the late afternoon and your hand is in the candy bowl. You told yourself that you wouldn’t succumb to that sweet, sugary goodness but you did. This is one that I struggle with. Yes, believe it or not…I do! Particularly when I don’t eat regularly scheduled meals or around the 3 p.m. hour. 

Regularly Scheduled Meals: Waiting too long between meals may set you up for making poor eating decisions later. Curb those sugar and carb cravings by eating healthy foods at regular intervals. I try to eat every 3 – 4 hours to keep my blood sugar levels in check and avoid hitting the candy jar. If you’re in need of a snack idea, one of my favorite afternoon pick me-ups is a fresh apple with all natural peanut butter. Yum!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: One of the best ways to prevent yourself from eating unhealthy foods is simply to not have them around! Instead of a candy bowl, keep something like all natural trail mix at your desk for a healthy energy boost.

Kicking a bad habit to the curb isn’t going to be easy. But, it’s always possible. Some days will be better than others and some will be harder. It will require self-discipline and motivation. But, if you exercise the Warrior within, you’re sure to come out on top. 

What bad habits are you working on breaking? I’d love to hear how you’re tackling them on your way to excellence!
Hugs and love,

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