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WARRIOR PROFESSIONAL: Cultivating Your Passion

Can you fill in this blank?

“My passion is _____________.”

If you can’t answer or if your first thought was, “Not in the workplace!” That’s okay.

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I asked this question on my Facebook page and got some great, enthusiastic answers. Thanks to those who contributed!

But for some, just describing what passion is is a challenge. If this is true for you, filling in that blank can spark some interesting feelings and reactions.

Consider these:

  1. Feeling: Ready, set, panic!
    Become so obsessed with finding the right answer to fill in the blank that just the thought of what you know, don’t know and have to do becomes overwhelming. Full of fear, you feel paralyzed.
  2. Feeling: Bold. Risky. Impulsive.
    Reaction: Drop everything. You up and quit your job or jump ship to another career path. You start digging–almost blindly–to find the answer, or what you think is the answer. You don’t really have a plan in place. You’re winging it and whatever happens, happens.
  3. Feeling: Completely calm and cool.
    Reaction: You wait. You understand. You cultivate. 
With the title of this blog post, you know which  approach I’m going to advocate:
Waiting. Understanding. Cultivating. 

Now, I know, this word seems lazy. Not here. Warriors aren’t lazy. What do the world’s most skillful predators do? They are methodical. They wait. They see, feel and act on the right timing.

Slowly but surely, things start making sense. You don’t just recognize your likes and dislikes, you understand them. You develop a deep, rational understanding. The route to your next step becomes clearer as a result.


Whether you realize it or not, it’s through your wait and your understanding that you are cultivating your passion. Even if you think that your passion doesn’t live where you work everyday, you’re still putting your passion to work. While you may not consider your career choice or professional occupation to be your overall, ultimate passion, you certainly shine in some aspects day-to-day. You’re practicing these skills and abilities. Better yet, you’re perfecting them.

In today’s world, we’re all in a hurry. We scroll through picture after picture on our social media networks of others “living” their passion–or so it seems. We get restless. Maybe even a little frustrated or  jealous. We think, “I want that to be me!” Or worse, “I wish that were me!”
So, you engage approach #1 or #2.

Warrior waits, understands and cultivates because much like maintaining overall wellness in mind, body and spirit, filling in the blank to define your ultimate passion is a journey.

Trust me on this one. Soon, you’ll see that I’m living proof. Stay tuned.

Hugs and love,

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