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WARRIOR PROFESSIONAL: Embrace Challenges in the Workplace

Challenges meet us everywhere, including the workplace.

Think about the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the business world and the sheer amount of time that we spend in the office environment. It is no wonder that we often face some of our most difficult obstacles in our professional lives. Take a look at some common career hurdles below. A few of these may even be familiar:

  • Overwhelming work load.
  • Facing conflict with a coworker or boss.
  • Feeling bored and stuck in a current position.
  • Lacking the motivation to achieve in workplace.
  • Suffering from constant stress.
  • Struggling with time management.
  • Experiencing difficulty taking criticism and feedback. 
  • Feeling that hard work goes unnoticed.
  • Having a coworker take credit for your work.
  • Making a major mistake and hurting your team. 
  • Realizing that the job you have is different from the job you applied for.
  • Learning the ropes in a new workplace.
  • Getting passed over for a promotion or raise.
  • Facing a poor performance review.

Did any of these workplace challenges resonate with you? Did they make you feel anxious, frustrated, or maybe even the physical urge to escape? If so, that’s okay. When faced with a difficult circumstance, your body’s natural flight or fight response is triggered. But today, instead of running away from a trying situation in the office environment, I encourage you to embrace challenge as opportunity and grow from the journey instead. That’s right, channel the Warrior spirit. Meet the challenge head on. 

Maybe you’re wondering, why should I embrace challenge in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter? Here’s why.

Challenges exist for a reason. Tackling a challenge grows us, teaches us about ourselves, builds strength and instills confidence. By rising up through adversity, we set ourselves up for success in the face of any future difficulty. We overcome. We change. We learn. We become better.

Feeling inspired? Ready to rise up and overcome? Here’s how to beat any challenge that comes your way:

  1. Identify the challenge.
  2. Develop a strategy. 
  3. Execute your plan. 
  4. Remain positive. 

In order to overcome, you have to first determine where the issue lies. From there, the likelihood of defeating the challenge and changing your workplace reality increases when you formulate a plan. This is why strategy is so crucial. It is the pathway to your goal. Finally, we act on our strategy to create success. Remember, you may have to try multiple times before you succeed and that’s okay. Warriors never give up. Warriors stay focused. 

As July comes to a close and we get ready to begin a new month, I encourage you to face your professional obstacles, come up with a feasible solution and act on it. Learn to love the challenges that you faced this month and conquer them in August! Awaken the Warrior within. You’ll be better for it.

Hugs and love,

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