Health Care Sector

Continuous Disinfection. Everywhere. All the Time.

HAI’s are one of the leading causes
of death in the United states, exceeding the totals from AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined.

The level of microbial contamination of room surfaces is similar regardless of how often they are touched both before and after cleaning.

According to the CDC 1 in 25 Patients are infected while in a hospital
and of those infected 1 in 9 die.


The Solution

CASPR Enhanced Catalytic Oxidation (ECO)

To Use

No touch
technology that is truly “no touch”

Continuous disinfection of all surfaces

for Healthcare facilities for effective use in the fight against HAI’s

Base technology developed by NASA

24/7 cleaning
of ALL areas

implemented in other industries worldwide

Why make a choice which room
to disinfect when you can disinfect
them all?

How It Works

Photocatalytic conversion of the normal facility humidity into oxidating molecules that cascade from the HVAC ducts into the room and blanket every surface that the air touches, effectively working to reduce bioburden by up to 99.99%

CASPR Medik (ECO) Technology 24 Hour Testings Conducted

Testing by MicroChem Labs – Texas

  • Demonstrated effective in Lab testing

  • Up to 99.99% reduction 24 hour into solution

  • 80% reduction 2 hours after implementation

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